Lost and found

I was thinking a bit about 2011 tonight.All in all, an average year—sales good, no health problems, etc. Didn’t lose any family or close friends thank goodness. One good thing that happened was something that has bothered me for years now. I lost contact years ago with my closest college roomie, Donna. There were 4 of us in the largest room on campus which happened to be directly over the housemother’s room. Four teens rampaging over her head drove her to very often charge up the stairs to our room—only to find it vacant. (We were all hiding across the hall.) Poor woman really had her hands full with us.

I always wondered what happened to Donna—I knew she married but it was troubled , and she had a beautiful little boy. In 2011  I finally decided to do something about it and searched and searched…finally finding bits of info and tracking her to near Philadelphia. I nervously called her (hubby tracked down her number with the info I found ) and years melted away. That next weekend we got together and we discovered that we both survived tough times  and are happy. She is married again-happily-and has 2 beautiful grandbabies. I know what she has been through and she is still the happy nut I roomed with . I’ve been happily married for 40 (yikes!) years, survived ovarian cancer, and have 2 wonderful sons. I’m sooooo happy I took the time and chance to find her—something in me feels so much at peace since. It just proves it really IS never too late to reconnect with someone who was important to you. Donna, AKA Swamp Woman, have a great 2012!!!



2 comments on “Lost and found

  1. Angie Berry says:

    Oh wow!! That is an awesome story! Glad to hear it has a happy ending. =] I hope you two are able to stay in touch now.

  2. Karen says:

    Jan what a sweet story…and a real one with a wonderfully happy ending…or should I say beginning.


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